Houston Realtor: Seven Ways Your Phone’s Camera Can Make Life Easier!

A collection of interesting, helpful uses —some work related, some not—for your cell phone camera.

Houston Realtor

Smartphones today include cameras good enough to handle the photo needs of most users. And you’re usually carrying you phone, unlike your standalone digital camera. Here are ways to use your camera’s phone that will make like easier:

1) Find Your Car:
Whether you’re headed to the mall or the airport, it’s easy to forget if you left your car in B-2, E-2, or G2. Take a photo of the nearest sign or button in the garage’s elevator to help you locate your ride.

2) Remember Your Error:
Take a picture of your computer’s screen when you see a strange error message. You can read it over the phone to tech support, or send it to them via e-mail, which may prove vital if your computer crashes and will not turn on again.

3) Find Your Bed:
Hotels used to give out metal keys with room numbers imprinted on them, but today’s plastic card keys all look the same. Take a photo of your room number in case you forget to bring the card key’s paper sleeve with your room number written on it.

4) Capture Everyone’s Ideas:
Take a picture of the whiteboard at the end of your weekly sales meeting or a similar gathering. Even if you took notes, an image of the board may include something you did not write down.

5) Before You Take it Apart:
Stop! Before you disconnect your cable modem, wireless router, printer, and laptop dock to diagnose a problem take some pictures. You’ll have a guide to help put it back together. This tip is also helpful for home entertainment systems!

6) Scene-of-the-Crime Photos:
If you are involved in a fender-bender, take a few shots of the cars involved—both for damage and the license plates—and any relevant road conditions, such as a fallen stop sign or huge pothole.

7) Remember the Wine:
The next time you discover a new wine at a restaurant, take a picture of the bottle. You will be able to find it again much easier.

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