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This morning I received some unfortunate news that fellow photographer and personal friend, David Lund of Wedding Stories passed away. After a year long battle with cancer, he was called for his next large assignment. Having visited David on Monday, I knew he was in a state of discomfort but he remained in good spirits. I am pleased to know that his final moments were spent with his best friend and wife, Laurel, who remained by his side.

I will always be Thankful to David and Laurel for sharing their knowledge of digital photography when the photo industry was still shooting film. As pioneers and leaders, they assisted us with our film to digital transition. Today, I remember David ever more since the studio is now 100% digital and working with a dream network we mapped out on a napkin during an industry photo conference.

David’s best advice was to embrace technology, continue your photographic education and never stop growing as a photographer.

Little did I know that one simple sentence would have such a large footprint in our career.

David will dearly be missed. To the Lund family, may you find peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Best wishes,

Michael Carr

Photo courtesy of Tina Burke Fuller