Father’s Day 2016

Summer is here! One of my favorite hobbies is fishing; especially saltwater fishing.

This portrait was captured showing a family tradition of fishing; between a father and his son. I know down the road that the son in this portrait will appreciate this image long after his Dad is gone. With today’s ever changing technology, a printed portrait has the ability to capture a moment in time and preserve that moment for years to come. A printed portrait is timeless and appreciates over time, and is more valued as generations pass. Take the time to capture every moment and preserve the photographs of the family that you have.

Michael Carr Photography is available for destination family portraits as well as family portraits in the Houston area. Contact us to talk with us about your vision for your family portraits and what you hope to capture and preserve for years to come. Our studio is located in a professional office building, and our portfolio can be viewed here. Call 713-461-2862 to speak with us.